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Everything about Mangrove


What do you mean by personal growth?
Mangrove members want to improve their life situation and personal fulfillment. This is the main goal driving our collaboration. We achieve it through 3 main axis: daily interactions, mutual help, and expansion to new people who share our values.

What are your values?
Benevolence, openness, and freedom.

Who are your members?
Entrepreneurs and freelancers who choose to make time for personal growth. We chose a lifestyle of independence to pursue our own projects, explore who we are and keep growing.

Who can join Mangrove?
Everyone who shares our values.

Mangrove is an organic and agile structure.
Mangrove is an ecosystem both open to its environment and anchored with deep roots: we keep evolving but our values never change.

Want to know more?

We wrote a detailed guide about how Mangrove works.

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