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Fill your hiring pipeline with top candidates from dozens of sources simultaneously

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How it works


Set rewards for your open roles

You define the right reward for each open role. Rewards range anywhere from $4k to $60k.

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Our network sends candidates

Recruiters, industry professionals, and talent networks source candidates for your pipeline.

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Pay reward when we fill the role

Only pay the reward if our network sources the candidate you hire. No upfront payment or retainer needed.

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Fill your pipeline from diverse sources

Don't rely on few job board posts or a single recruitment firm. Let mangrove engage a diverse set of sources to get the best candidates for your open roles.

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Independent Recruiters

Recruiters can focus on finding you great candidates - not dealing with overhead and administrative work.

Industry Professionals

We offer rewards to professionals already in the field to ensure we get the best referrals.

Talent Networks

Bootcamps, professional networks, job boards, and others all working to fill your candidate pipeline.

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